Gard’Apis Trap


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Say goodbye to invasive Asian hornets while preserving beneficial insect populations with the revolutionary Gard’Apis Trap. Developed through meticulous research and testing, this innovative trap offers a comprehensive solution to the Asian hornet problem without harming other vital insects.

Crafted from half of a Dadant 425×500 queen excluder, each Gard’Apis Trap utilizes a simple yet effective design that beekeepers already have at their disposal. The inclusion of specially designed cones ensures that Asian hornets are efficiently funneled into the trap while minimizing bycatch. Unlike traditional traps, which inadvertently harm pollinators and other insects, the Gard’Apis Trap is engineered to target Asian hornets specifically, safeguarding the delicate ecological balance.

After 26 iterations, we arrived at a design that worked and worked really well. The injection-molded cones, available in every kit, virtually eliminate bycatch, thanks to the inclusion of red and orange nozzles. During spring, deploy the red nozzle to target Asian hornet queens while excluding European hornet queens and other non-target insects. As the season progresses, switch to the orange nozzle to capture Asian hornet workers

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond design; in the rare event of bycatch, simply remove trapped insects, release non-target species, and rebait the trap. Plus, the addition of a few dead hornets enhances trap efficacy, attracting more hornets to the bait.

Don’t compromise the delicate ecosystem in your efforts to control Asian hornets. Choose the Gard’Apis Trap for effective, environmentally conscious pest management.