BeeCalm™ Manipulation Cloth


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BeeCalm™ Colony Manipulation Cloth

A layer of Blackout Material sandwiched between 2 layers of Canvas Material, (unlike some sold by other bee suppliers which are thin & allow light to penetrate through, or your thin old drying up cloth!) These will not allow light to penetrate with the cloth keeping the bees calm & the queen where she likes to be, in the dark.

Can be rolled up with a button securing the cloth in the rolled up position & a pocket to keep your hive tool.

Large enough to cover the entire top of the open brood chamber.

A plastic removable rod in each end allows item to be machine washed (please be advised the cloth may be contaminated with propolis & other sticky residues, therefore machine washing is at your own risk)

These manipulation cloths are sourced & handmade locally here in St Albans.

This item can be collected from either Prae Wood on a Saturday or in Harpenden.

Please contact Les on 07805042655 to arrange collection.